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Your wisdom teeth (also known as third molars) often require removal because they cause many dental problems because they do not fit in the mouth. We extract wisdom teeth from your jaw in order to protect you from:

  • Cavities and Periodontal Disease: Often the wisdom teeth only partially erupt, which means that they easily trap food and bacteria and are also difficult to clean. The plaque bacteria that collect here causes cavities and periodontal disease by producing tooth-decaying acids while also infecting the surrounding gum tissues.
  • Pericoronitis Infection: This infection is commonly seen with the wisdom teeth. When the gum tissue partially overlaps the chewing surface of a wisdom tooth, then it can collect and trap food that causes infection over time.
  • Crooked and Broken Teeth: The wisdom teeth put pressure on the adjacent teeth, which can shift them out of position. This pressure may become so forceful that it causes these teeth to fracture.
  • Cysts and Tumors: Impacted wisdom teeth can develop a cyst, which is a fluid sac that damages jaw tissue. With time, this cyst may develop into a tumor that can create cracks in the jaw bone.

As you can see from the problems listed above, wisdom teeth removal is very important if you want to maintain the health of your mouth. Even if you do not currently experience these issues, there is nothing stopping them from developing in the future except for the removal of your wisdom teeth. Call Dr. Aaron Ercole today if you would like to learn more.