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A dental X-Ray in North Providence, Rhode Island, is an image that can find cavities, examine the tooth roots, check the health of the underlying bone, identify periodontal disease, and see the status of developing teeth. It is a vital part of your treatment plan because it can prevent as well as diagnose dental issues that can harm your overall health. With the help of an X-Ray, your dentist, Dr. Aaron Ercole, will be able to identify problems that aren’t even visible to the naked eye.

There are many different types of X-Rays in the world today, including:

Periapical: A periapical X-Ray is a great way to see an entire tooth. The X-Ray shows the crown all the way down to the root and bone of the tooth.

Bite-Wing: A bite-wing X-Ray provides images of your upper and lower premolars and molars. The picture shows your dentist how those teeth touch one another and it also shows tooth decay if it is present.

Panoramic: A panoramic X-Ray provides an image of the entire oral cavity and face, including the jaws, teeth, nasal area, sinuses, and joints of the jaw. This X-Ray is beneficial for those who need orthodontic or dental implant treatment.

Occlusal: An occlusal X-Ray offers a view of the bite and the upper and lower jaw. It can also highlight the growth and development of children’s primary and permanent teeth.

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