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A feeling of pressure, pain or other type of discomfort in your gums can be disconcerting and is often a sign of a problem that needs timely treatment. In some of these cases, Dr. Aaron Ercole finds that the problem is related to an abscess or dental cyst.

It’s important to note that there is a difference between the two issues, and it could influence the treatment method Dr. Aaron Ercole advocates.

Dental cysts are small pockets of fluid and inflammation that may or may not also be related to an infection. Sometimes they are related to a cavity that has descended through the tooth to the root. In other cases, a dental cyst can also form from an impacted, malformed, or partially emerged wisdom tooth.

Sometimes a dental cyst can develop and it’s benign or the fluid is otherwise sterile. Sometimes, it can cause a significant level of discomfort and inflammation in the gums.

Since cysts are often slow developing, the size, location, and potential infection in the dental cyst will develop the treatment strategy Dr. Aaron Ercole employs. Sometimes they can be healed naturally. However, if a serious infection has formed, or if you are experiencing significant discomfort, he might recommend surgical extraction.

An abscess is an acute infection that forms in the gums. It is often the result of untreated tooth decay penetrating the root of the tooth, allowing bacteria to establish a presence in the gums. In some cases, an abscess can be treated by a potent course of prescription antibiotics. If the abscess is large or if there is the potential for it to cause a dangerous blood infection, Dr. Aaron Ercole might recommend a surgical extraction.

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