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Dental cysts are an oral health issue that can vary in severity. They differ from an abscess in that they are generally slow in developing and while they often cause discomfort, they don’t always pose an imminent threat. They are often small areas of inflammation, infection, or fluid in the gums. They can form from several different causes.

Emergent wisdom teeth can sometimes cause a dental cyst in the gums. This is a small area of fluid or inflammation that forms near the tooth or its root. While some are sterile and cause minor discomfort, some can come to harbor a dangerous infection that requires an oral surgery resection.

Dental cysts can also be caused by tooth decay issues at the gumline or in the root of the tooth. The symptoms and discomfort can be more severe.

In some cases, a dental cyst is benign or the fluid is otherwise sterile. Unfortunately, some dental cysts cause a significant level of discomfort and inflammation in the gums. Without treatment, these cysts can lead to other complications.

The course of treatment Dr. Aaron Ercole and the oral care specialists at his North Providence, Rhode Island, clinic advocate will be based on the location and size of the cyst, your level of discomfort, and any other potential complications. In some instances, Dr. Aaron Ercole can develop a course of treatment that bolsters your body’s natural healing ability to clear up the cyst without the need for an invasive procedure.

A more severe dental cyst with an infection or one that causes significant discomfort might require surgical intervention.

Dr. Aaron Ercole can often excise the cyst in a single outpatient appointment where you’ll need to be fully sedated. Afterward, you will still feel some disorientation. So, you’ll need to have someone drive you home while you fully regain your senses.

Dr. Aaron Ercole might also prescribe postoperative antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medication, or painkillers, depending on the invasiveness of the procedure and the presence of a latent infection.

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