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As your child reaches their adolescent years most of their primary teeth should have been replaced by the 32 permanent teeth that will need to last them throughout their adult life. This is also the point when wisdom teeth attempt to erupt from the periodontal tissues at the back of the mouth.

This often causes a feeling of pressure in the gums, and often a persistent ache in the jaw muscles. Since there is little available room in the back of the mouth, it’s possible for one or more pre-emergent wisdom teeth to become trapped or impacted in the gums.

As this starts to occur it can cause significant pain and discomfort. If the problem isn’t addressing the aberrant wisdom tooth could threaten the root integrity of a rear molar.

In a case like this Dr. Aaron Ercole might recommend surgically extracting the wisdom tooth to help alleviate the pain and preserve the rear molars. Sometimes he can do this without the need for sedation. However, a significantly impacted tooth might require that your son or daughter is fully sedated to help them remain comfortable throughout the oral surgery.

Afterward, Dr. Aaron Ercole will likely provide them with a prescription for or anti-inflammatory or pain medication. Any other dietary questions or concerns will also be addressed. This often includes eating soft foods and drinking fluids without using a straw.

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