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Most people lack sufficient space in the back of their mouth to accommodate the full complement of wisdom teeth. This can often cause a wisdom tooth to become trapped, turned at an unnatural angle, or otherwise impacted. When this happens, it can cause significant pressure, discomfort, and pain. Even if you choose to endure the discomfort an impacted wisdom tooth could eventually threaten the roots of your rear molar.

To prevent these problems and alleviate the pain, Dr. Aaron Ercole can surgically extract an impacted wisdom tooth at his clinic in North Providence, Rhode Island. This can often be done in a simple outpatient appointment. If Dr. Aaron Ercole recommends full sedation, you will need to arrange a ride home from a friend or family member.

Most people choose to have all of their wisdom teeth extracted at the same time for convenience.

Afterward, Dr. Aaron Ercole will likely prescribe some anti-inflammatory or pain management medication to help you remain comfortable throughout the recovery process. While your gums are healing, you will need to stick to a soft foods diet and avoid drinking through a straw. Dr. Aaron Ercole will provide you with any other post-operative care instructions.

If you live in the North Providence, Rhode Island, area and you are experiencing wisdom tooth discomfort, you should call 401-353-1515 to set up a consultation appointment at Ocean State Oral Surgery Center, L.L.C..