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Many patients who have lost teeth find dental implants to be highly effective options for tooth replacement for patients who have lost teeth to fill empty spaces in their smiles. Dental implants create a very strong bond with the jawbone so that they can feel like natural teeth and avoid the occurrence of loose artificial teeth that sometimes occurs with dentures.

To help you determine if custom dental implants are right for you, we offer a list of common, helpful benefits:

– The natural shape, size, color, curve and comfort of your natural teeth can be replicated in your dental implants to keep your smile looking natural.
– The jawbone and dental implant undergo a process called osseointegration in which they fuse to strengthen their bond and support your mouth.
– This bond enables you to enjoy the use of dental implants for up to a lifetime, especially if you provide the necessary maintenance and care.
– While a lack of teeth to support the jawbone can cause it to weaken and deteriorate as time passes, you can stop this from developing by having dental implants placed.
– Replacing missing teeth matters in order to help you have natural eating and speech abilities, returning your smile to its pre-tooth loss state.
– The loss of teeth can loosen the gums and enable the surrounding teeth to shift around, but placing dental implants can stabilize your smile.
– You can have greater self-esteem with a full smile provided by dental implants.

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