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Common dental procedures can trigger stress and anxiety in some people. This condition, known as dental anxiety, is a recognized psychological issues that your dentist and hygienist are trained to help you manage. Providing you with comfortable, quality care is very important to us. If you have issues with dental anxiety, please feel free to let us know up front, so we can help to put you at ease.

Some people experience anxiety because they feel a loss of control over their own body. Many people can be put at ease by asking a few basic questions about their procedure up front. Being armed with more information often helps to restore a sense of confidence and builds trust between you and dental professionals.

Some people feel that the mouth is an intimate part of the body and might feel uncomfortable exposing it to a stranger. Keep in mind that our dentists and hygienists are trained professionals. Their only job is to provide you with quality dental care.

Some patients with dental anxiety also find relief by administering nitrous oxide during the procedure. Let us know in advance if this is an option you would like to investigate.

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