How Oral Bone Grafts Strengthen Your Jaw for a Dental Implant

Restorative dentistry is a fantastic way to replace your lost teeth. You’ll be amazed by the quality of our dental implants, dentures, or partial dentures. All of these implants have longevity that will strengthen your teeth, and restore the cosmetic appeal of your smile. Before the restorative dentistry treatment, your oral surgeons will look over… Read more »

Treatment Methods for Healing After a Tooth Extraction

If you are in the process of having a tooth extracted, or if you plan on having an extraction in the future, it is important to plan in advance to ensure your recovery process has the best chance of success in as little time as possible. If you are a smoker, you should quit the… Read more »

Understanding the Difference Between an Abscess and a Dental Cyst

A feeling of pressure, pain or other type of discomfort in your gums can be disconcerting and is often a sign of a problem that needs timely treatment. In some of these cases, Dr. finds that the problem is related to an abscess or dental cyst. It’s important to note that there is a difference… Read more »

Wisdom Teeth Extraction: The Treatment

Have you ever had a wisdom tooth removed? Do you assume that you’ll need to someday? Wisdom teeth extractions are common because they may not erupt properly. Because your wisdom teeth don’t typically erupt until you’re around 16, they can negatively influence your other teeth. In fact, if your wisdom teeth don’t erupt properly, you… Read more »

Laser Dentistry: The New Way to Improve Your Oral Health

Do you wish your dental appointments were more pleasant and less scary? If so, our dental team has some good news for you! Your dentist, Dr. , proudly uses dental lasers at our office! Dental lasers are small, hand-held tools that produce energy in the form of a light. Many approve of them because they… Read more »

Oral Surgery Might Be Needed to Treat an Abscess

Tooth decay that goes without timely treatment can eventually allow bacteria access to the pulp and root of the tooth. In time, this can cause a significant infection in the socket and deep within the gums. When an abscess forms in this manner, it can cause significant complications. Beyond a deep pain in the gums,… Read more »

A Bone Graft Can Rebuild the Structure Needed for Certain Dental Restorations

In many cases, severe tooth decay, periodontal disease or tooth extraction can result in a loss of bone tissues in your mouth. When this happens, there might not be sufficient bone structure remaining for a dental restoration, like a dental implant or locking dentures. In a situation like this, Dr. might recommend a bone graft…. Read more »

Recover from Oral Surgery Successfully

If you have recently undergone oral surgery, then we have news for you! Our staff here at in , , has prepared some important tips and information to help you with the recovery process. Having a healthy recovery process is vital to your oral health, so you can achieve the successful results you are looking… Read more »

Impacted Teeth: The Facts

Have you ever heard of impacted teeth? Do you ever wonder exactly what an impacted tooth could do the health of your smile? Do you know what you can do to address this issue? Fortunately, there are a number of things you could consider doing. An impacted tooth is a tooth that can’t fully emerge… Read more »

A Dental Implant Can Be Used to Completely Replace a Severely Cracked Tooth

The outer layer of each tooth is very durable tooth enamel. While this enables your teeth to be strong enough to bite and chew hard foods, your teeth are still not impervious to everything. Sometimes an accidental blow to the face can hit so hard that it severely cracks the tooth enamel. In an extreme… Read more »