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There are many things that can affect the health of your gums. While periodontal disease is sometimes a looming threat, there are other gum health issues that call for treatment at Dr. Aaron Ercole’s North Providence, Rhode Island clinic. This could come in the form of a dental cyst or an oral abscess. While both involve aberrations and potential infection in the gum tissues, they are indeed different things.

Dental cysts are slow to develop and can some might even prove to be benign. Emergent and impacted wisdom teeth can cause a dental cyst to form in the gum tissues surrounding the tooth. You might notice this as an irritation or small lump in the gums. It can be an unwelcome discomfort to go along with wisdom tooth pain.

In some cases, the cystic fluid is sterile, while other times it can host bacterial infection. Sometimes a sterile cyst can abate through some simple lifestyle modifications and prescription medication. Unfortunately, if a serious infection has formed, or you are experiencing significant discomfort, Dr. Aaron Ercole might advocate surgical intervention.

An abscess is typically an acute infection in the gums, often resulting from untreated tooth decay. They are often accompanied by a toothache, or a feeling of discomfort, pain, and pressure in the underlying gums.

Sometimes, Dr. Aaron Ercole can treat a minor abscess with a course of prescription antibiotics. Unfortunately, if an abscess is large, or there is the potential to cause a dangerous blood infection, we might recommend a surgical extraction.

If you are experiencing pain, pressure, or discomfort in your gums, and you live in the North Providence, Rhode Island area, you should call 401-353-1515 to have it diagnosed and treated at Dr. Aaron Ercole’s clinic.