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Overcrowding with your child’s teeth can lead to several different problems. Not only can it affect the alignment of the other teeth in their dentition, it can also increase their chances of suffering chips, fractures, and dental attrition complications on the corresponding teeth in their bite pattern.

In a severe case, Dr. Aaron Ercole might recommend extracting one of the overcrowded teeth before correcting the remaining teeth with traditional braces. Practicing some basic care principles will prevent complications while the extraction site in their gums continues to heal.

Try to remind your son or daughter to chew on the other side of your mouth while their gums are healing. Proper hydration is also important, but they should not drink through a straw. The suction could potentially pull blot clots loose from the extraction site.

Dr. Aaron Ercole might also provide them with a prescription for pain medication. It will need to be taken as directed and at the appropriate times.

If you know your child uses tobacco products, you should encourage them to quit. Even occasional tobacco use can significantly irritate the sensitive periodontal tissues. This could increase the recovery time and possibly cause an infection in the extraction site.

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