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If you forgo having gingivitis treated the inflammation in your gums can lead to more serious periodontal health problems. In the time it could develop into the severe periodontal infection which is known as periodontitis.

As this happens your gum tissues can slowly start to pull back from your teeth, as small pockets of infection form near the roots. Without treatment, this level of gum infection can eventually cause the loss of multiple teeth.

In some of these cases the most effective method to treat severe gum disease and restore the condition of your gums, it to have Dr. Aaron Ercole perform a gingival flap surgery.

This procedure usually requires full sedation. You will need to have a friend of family member drive you home while the sedative effect gradually dissipates.

The gingival flap treatment involves Dr. Aaron Ercole making a small incision is made in your gums. This will give him direct access to any infected material near the roots of your teeth. Once all the infected material has been removed he will some your healthy gum tissues over the base of your teeth.

After the surgery, Dr. Aaron Ercole may prescribe antibiotics, pain killers or an anti-inflammatory medication. This will help to remove all traces of infection and maintain your comfort while your gums heal naturally.

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