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When a small cavity afflicts one of your teeth the bacterial presence can spread quickly. If you forgo treatment at Dr. Aaron Ercole’s dental office in North Providence, Rhode Island the tooth decay can spread deep into the tooth. When bacteria gain access to the pulp and root of the tooth, they can cause a significant toothache.

In time, this could also cause a dangerous abscess to form in your gums. Without professional treatment, the bacterial presence could pass a dangerous infection to your bloodstream.

If the area of infection is small Dr. Aaron Ercole might be able to treat the tooth with a root canal and prescription antibiotics. If the tooth has been severely compromised or the abscess is large, Dr. Aaron Ercole might recommend a total extraction. This will excise the abscess and all remnants of the tooth.

After the extraction, Dr. Aaron Ercole might include a prescription for antibiotics and pain medications. This will treat any lingering infection and help you stay comfortable while your gums heal.

When you’re ready, Dr. Aaron Ercole can present you with different options for restoring the tooth. This might include a dental bridge or dental implant.

If you live in North Providence, Rhode Island, and you have a tooth suffering from a severe cavity, you should call 401-353-1515 to seek treatment at Ocean State Oral Surgery Center, L.L.C..