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There are times when a tooth is so severely compromised by dental trauma or tooth decay that it cannot be treated with a root canal. In these cases he might recommend extracting whatever remains of the tooth to allow your gums to heal without further complication.

After all your periodontal tissues have knit together, and you’re ready, our oral surgeon specialists can start the process of replacing the tooth with a dental implant.

The first phase of the treatment calls for Dr. Aaron Ercole to provide a minor oral surgery to install a titanium dental implant into the area. This involves him making a careful incision in your gums. Then a narrow channel will be drilled underlying bone. The titanium dental implant is then screwed into place.

A special property of titanium allows it to fully bond with the surrounding bone tissues. This will eventually give your dental implant a strength that rivals the original root of the tooth. Once this has occurred Dr. Aaron Ercole will prepare an abutment and start the process of fitting it for a dental implant.

If you live in North Providence, Rhode Island, and you have a severely distressed tooth, you should call 401-353-1515 to schedule a dental implant consultation at Ocean State Oral Surgery Center, L.L.C.