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The outer layer of each tooth is very durable tooth enamel. While this enables your teeth to be strong enough to bite and chew hard foods, your teeth are still not impervious to everything. Sometimes an accidental blow to the face can hit so hard that it severely cracks the tooth enamel. In an extreme case, it could damage the internal structures of the tooth, resulting in the total loss of the tooth.

In a situation like this, our oral surgeon, Dr. Aaron Ercole, might need to extract the remnants of the root and suture the gums. When you’re ready, he can help replace the tooth by installing a titanium dental implant into the socket and fitting it for a dental crown.

Once your gums have completely healed, Dr. Aaron Ercole can help you understand your restoration options. In the past, bridge work was seen as the only way to fully restore an extracted tooth. Today, dental implants are quickly becoming the new industry’s standard in restorative dentistry.

At the start of the process, Dr. Aaron Ercole will examine the area and take a few X-rays. This way he can determine if you have sufficient bone structure to mount a dental implant. If the extraction caused the loss of bone structure in the jaw, then he might recommend having a bone graft installed.

The dental implant procedure in North Providence, Rhode Island, involves drilling a small channel into your jawbone. Then, a titanium implant will be screwed into place. Titanium is the metal of choice because it is biologically inert and it will eventually fuse to your jawbone. This will create a very strong anchor that will eventually secure a dental crown.

If you have a cracked or badly damaged tooth, we invite you to contact Ocean State Oral Surgery Center, L.L.C. at 401-353-1515 to seek immediate treatment. We are always happy to restore your healthy smile!